Installing Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate on DigitalOcean | Serverpilot

Gone are the days when we had to pay hundreds of dollar for SSL certificates. Let’s Encrypt is a service that now provides SSL certificates for free. Installing SSL certificate have many advantages like your site visitors data are safe and as we know as of 2017 most of the modern browsers have started showing green […]

Image Optimization Tricks To Speed Up WordPress Site

Images & other multimedia plays crucial role in loading time of a website. High quality bulky images are the largest contributors to Web page size, degrading page speed and agitating visitors eagerly waiting for the web page to load. The following are image optimization best-practices go a long way in reducing negative impact of images on […]

Easiest way of Installing WordPress on DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is second largest hosting provider in world, their hosting are affordable. They provide SSD Cloud hosting and give you full control over it, like other mainstream hosting provider for WordPress they don’t provide cPanel so it make it quite difficult for non technical users to install WordPress on it. In this tutorial I will teach […]

Login to DigitalOcean Droplet using PuTTY [Easiest Method]

DigitalOcean is not managed hosting provider, you have to do everything on your own, if you had use any shared hosting previously that you may have seen that they provide build in FTP option on their cPanel for you to manage files in your server but DigitalOcean don’t provide that option for it’s droplet but by using terminal we […]

How To Point A Domain Name At DigitalOcean Droplet

After creating a droplet or server with DigitalOcean you may want to assign it a domain name, below is detailed guide on how to point your domain name to digitalocean droplet. Things You Need Droplet on DigitalOcean A Domain Name. IP Address of your droplet. Step 1: Setting up Nameserver For this tutorial I’m using namecheap, you may have bought […]

Step by step guide to setup Yoast Seo WordPress plugin

At we recommend all our users to use Yoast SEO and we our self use it for our website. This plugin for WordPress allows you to add meta tags, generate sitemap, create breadcrumbs, focus on keyword, nofollow post or page, create custom permalinks and add facebook open graph. Install Yoast SEO To install UpdraftPlus plugin follow below steps: […]

How to backup and restore WordPress site using UpdraftPlus

Having backups of your site is extremely important. It is the best defensive measure you can take for your site, if somehow your website gets hacked and you lost all the data, with backup you can make your site live again in just few minutes. Please consider reading our post on WordPress website security. For this tutorial we […]

5 sure-fire ways to Improve wordpress website security

WordPress is used by 24.6% of all the websites, due to its popularity hackers usually target it.  Vulnerable websites are easy target, In this post I will give you 7 tips which will help you boost your wordpress site security. Limit Login Attempts By default WordPress allows unlimited login attempts, Even if your password is strong, brute-force attack will crash your […]